Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guardian Review

Nikki Youngblood just wants things to go back to the way they were before. Before her life spun out of her control. Before she was haunted by hell hounds. Before her parents were murdered. Before she heard of Halflings. Before she fell for not one but two of them…
Nikki can’t help but fall deeper in love with each of them even though she knows it could cost them their eternity.
Mace is safe and dedicated. Protecting her against the evil that threatens her. Mace is what Nikki needs.
Raven is adventure and freedom. Giving her a way out of the cage she feels she’s in. Raven is what Nikki craves.
They both know that falling in love with Nikki will give them a one way ticket to eternal darkness. But they’re both willing to risk it for her.
Nikki wants them both, unsure who to choose. Unsure if she really even has a choice in anything.

Guardian by Heather Burch was awesome! It was a great continuation of Halflings. It answered a lot of questions brought on by the first book while asking for even more answers. Like the first book I was completely immersed in the book from page one. I was on the same wild journey as the character, and loving every minute of it! The only down side to the book was that it had to end. I was so caught up in the story that when I got to the last page I was like “What?!? That’s it? It can’t end here! I need more, what happens next?!” I can’t wait for Heathers next book in the series, Avenger, to come out. All in all it was a great read!

5 out of 5. An angelic Afternoon Snack I plan to munch on again.

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