Sunday, June 7, 2015

Taken Review

An investigator who knows tragic loss firsthand, 

and his new client, missing far too long...

Abducted at the age of sixteen and coerced into assisting the Jacoby crime family, Shannon Bliss has finally found a way out. She desperately wants to resume some semblance of normal life, but she also knows she has some unfinished business to attend to. She might have enough evidence to put her captors behind bars for a very long time. 

When Shannon contacts private investigator Matthew Dane, a former cop, to help her navigate her reentry into society, he quickly discovers that gaining her freedom doesn't mean her troubles are over. If the Jacoby family learns she is still alive, they'll stop at nothing to silence her.

If justice is to be done, and if Shannon's life is ever to get on track again, Matthew will need to discover exactly what happened to her--even if it means stirring up a hornet's nest of secrets.

Taken by Dee Henderson was another win in my book for her. I may be a little biased because since the first book of hers I read (Danger in the Shadows) I have been in love with her amazing suspense and mystery writing skills. Taken is no different in that I loved every minute of it! I loved this new psychological thriller of hers and these new characters and some old ones too! That was a welcome surprise! I thought that Matthew Dane was a great hero, I  loved his character and the chemistry that he and Shannon had together. If you loved all of Dee's other books then your sure to love this one.  

5 out of 5. An Afternoon Snack that will not disappoint!

 I got a free review copy of Taken from Bethany House Publishers in return for my honest review.

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