Monday, June 11, 2012

Strange Journey Back Review

Strange Journey Back
Mark Prescott’s parents just spilt up and his Mom moves them to a little town called Odyssey. This is not the way Mark wanted to start his summer. All his friends are back home in Washington D.C. and the only kid in Odyssey who wants to be his friend is Patti, an annoying tomboy. The only thing that makes his situation not so bad is Mr. Whittaker, an ice cream shop owner and inventor. Whit’s latest invention seems to be the answer to Marks prayers. A chance to go back and change the past.

High Flyer With a Flat Tire
          Mark Prescott is falsely accused of slashing Joe Devlin’s new bikes tire after getting in a fight. Mark says it’s impossible because he came right home afterwards. The only problem is that no one saw him. Mark decides to play detective and find out who really did it. Rachel, the girl Joe made fun of? Chad, the kid Joe kicked out of his gang? Or someone else? To make matters worse Patti, the tomboy who has decided to be Marks best friend, is acting weird. Or in Mark’s opinion weirder than usual.

The Secret Cave of Robinwood
          Mark Prescott knows a secret. He promises that he won’t tell anyone and Patti believes him. But when that secret could mean his acceptance into a group of boys, Mark betrays Patti’s trust and tells. But is the promised acceptance into the group worth maybe losing Patti’s friendship?

Behind the Locked Door
          Mark Prescott’s Mom is off to Washington D.C. She and Mark’s father are going to meet with a marriage counselor and while she away Mark’s going to stay at Mr. Whittaker’s. But while there Whit tells Mark not to go into the locked attic. Why not? Mark’s imagination goes wild, fuelled by thriller comic books that he sneaks past his mom. But will Mark’s active imagination cause him to lose a close friend and mentor, Mr. Whittaker?
Strange Journey Back is a great book. It took me into the little town of Odyssey and made me want to stay there and visit Whit’s end and have an ice cream. If you’ve ever listened to the radio series you’ll recognize some of the characters, like Whit. But even if you’ve never heard of Odyssey you’ll fall in love the second you open this book.  

5 out of 5. Whit’s end is a great place for an Afternoon snack.

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